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Flip the Script: The Future is Female

Mar 6, 2018

On the second episode of Season Two, hosts Ismahan Abdullahi and Nicole Capretz sit down with three community organizers, Wilnisha Sutton (aka Truth), Nyisha Green-Washington and Christina Griffin.  In a lively, emotional and frank conversation, they discuss the reality of living in our society as proud black womxn. They explore why they dedicate their lives to  advancing social, racial, economic and gender justice, how they center themselves and lift each other up, why black mental health matters, and why the upcoming Black Women's March is a critical event to demand better treatment for all black womxn. We even learn the special details and emotions behind the black-only viewing party for Black Panther that filled two San Diego movie theaters to the brim. Trust us, you don't want to miss hearing from these incredible women warriors!  And you don't want to miss the Black Women's March on March 10 at 10am in southeast San Diego.